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Meditation Class
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At the CUP we hope to create a community where people are connected to themselves and one another through affirming expressions of spirituality, creativity and human connection. We envision a place where people come as they are and leave feeling whole. 

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The Cup is a community program in the Sea to Sky corridor that takes a hands-on approach to wellness. Our mission is to unite people to become who they really are. 

Holding Hands
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If you like our vision - uniting people to become who they really are through community events and projects, we want to connect with you! Send us a little information about yourself. We are always looking for teachers, leaders and community organizations to partner with. 

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We dreamt about a place that was truly welcome to all people no matter their socioeconomic status, gender identity, race, culture, or religion.

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The Cup started to bubble forth as this group imagined offering events that assist people in filling their life cup to overflowing.


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Our mission is to create an environment that empowers individuals and families to unite with their true potential, passion, and purpose body, mind, and soul. 

Our Vision


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We warmly welcome volunteers of all ages. We’ll get to know you and then do our best to match you with volunteer roles that are the best fit for your skills, interests, and time availability.

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 Our facility is perfect for concerts, film showings, workshops, meetings,  retreats, weddings and much more.  

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Contact The Cup

38014 Fourth Ave, Squamish, BC V8B 0A3

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