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THE CUP KIDS - Out of SchoolCare (Currently on hold)  

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Established September 2018!

The CUP Kids (formerly Spirit Kids) was founded at Squamish United Church in 2018. It was created to serve the community's needs for a safe, reliable, and affordable out-of-school care program. CUP Kids is now a part of The CUP Wholeness Centre. All members of our community are welcome to participate in our program. CUP Kids will provide out-of-school care to children primarily from Squamish Elementary (SE) and Ecole Les Aiglons. Program staff will pick up children by foot at Squamish Elementary and Ecole Les Aiglons at dismissal time which is 3:00 PM and walk back to the Centrepoint building (38014 4th Ave). Activities will run from school pick-up time at 3 pm to 6 pm with flexibility for parents to pick up when it works best for them. Activities include playing at either school playground, on the field between the schools, or exploring the nearby trails along the way back to Centrepoint. When back in the building we share in crafts, games, and a variety of fun activities. We are always back at Centrepoint no later than 4:30 PM for pick-up.


Abot Kids

Philosophy: “Creative Wholistic Care” Our philosophy stems from the importance of learning and exploring through art, imagination, and outdoor play during developing years. It is well documented that engagement with the arts and with play enables the child to learn and process problem solving and critical thinking skills. It is important to create an environment where the child can absorb what they have processed at school and provide a safe and creative environment to explore sports, physical activity, music, and the arts​. By encouraging children’s creativity and imagination the child learns to problem solve and engage with the environment in a healthy way. We would provide opportunities for play in a free form style as well as a structured style. Free play allows children to explore, learn, and be inquisitive about their environment while the educators facilitate and ensure children are safe in their surroundings. Structured activities gives children the ability to follow directions and ask questions and allows educators the chance to share their experiences and knowledge that the children can build upon

2021/2022 Rates


We are currently reviewing our programming and are not accepting new applications. ​Stay tuned for more offerings coming soon. 

After School Care - currently on hold. 

Monday - Friday

School dismissal time - 6:00 pm


Annual registration fee of $25.00 will apply per child

Contact Us

If you have any questions or want to get in touch, please email us at

We are currently not accepting new applications. 


Dear Parent/Guardian, 

Thank you for your interest in our Before and After School Care Program! This program is for children who attend either Squamish Elementary or Les Aiglons, although students from other schools can attend if the parent can arrange transportation. The childcare registration must be completed and returned electronically in PDF format to the program manager or delivered to the Squamish United Church office at 38014 4th Ave. A Childcare Coordinator or the Program Manager will review the package and notify you if a consultation is required. The childcare registration package must be completed in full a minimum of 2 days before your child’s first day in the program.

How to register: Not accepting registration at this time. 

Registration form
Policies & procedures

1. Download fill out and return the above Registration AND Policy & procedures forms,

2. Fill out the below form online for each child

Program and Attendance School Age Registration 2021-2022


As per Licensing Regulation 49 subsection 2: A Licensee must not provide care to a child unless the licensee has first ensured that the child’s parents or emergency contact can be readily contacted while the child is in care. Registration forms must be fully completed with the child’s care card number, immunization records and a current picture. Forms must be returned to the Childcare Coordinator or Program Manager a minimum of 2 days before your child begins care. Children will only be released to individuals who are listed on the Authorized Pick Up List and/ or have permission to pick up noted. These individuals must be 19 years or older. If an individual listed on the paperwork is not permitted to pick up this must be updated on the paperwork by the parent/guardian. When picking up a child please have picture identification on hand. A child will only be released to individual(s) not listed when a Childcare Staff has received written consent from the parent/ guardian confirming that the person is permitted to pick up the child. Staff will check picture identification if they have not met the individual. The Childcare Coordinator or Program Manager reserves the right to request a meeting with either the parent/guardian or the parent/guardian and child before accepting the registration package.

Before-school Care days required
After-school Care days required

Parent/ Guardian 1

Permission to Pick Up

Parent/ Guardian 2

Permission to Pick Up

Emergency Contact 1

(Must be local and available to pick up your child during the time that your child is in our  care) 

Permission to Pick Up

Emergency Contact 2
(Must be local and available to pick up your child during the time that your child is in our  care) 

Permission to Pick Up

Emergency Contact 3
(Must be an out of town contact) 

Permission to Pick Up

Authorized Pick-Up List 

Health Information

Does your child have any allergies?
Is your child allergy life-threatening?
Does your child have any medical concerns (asthma, diabetes, ADHD etc.)?
Has your child received a diagnosis from a medical professional?
Does your child take any regular medication that needs to be adminstered during camp hours?
Is your child a swimmer?

Immunization Information for Child Care 

Section 57(2) (a) of the Child Care Licensing Regulation 

requires licensed child care programs to have a record of each child’s immunization status. 

The completion of this form meets the requirement to maintain a record of children’s immunization 

status and will assist in identifying those that may require exclusion in the event of an outbreak of 

a communicable disease because they are not immunized. 

Complete Immunization:
Incomplete Immunization:

If available, please attach a photocopy of your child’s vaccination record to this form. 

For example: BC Child Health Passport OR immunization record either in English or any language. 

Ensure your child’s name and date of birth are written on each page. 

Upload vaccination record

Social Information

Who has guardianship of the child?
Is there a custody agreement?
Is it a joint custody?
Upload copy of agreement
Is English your first language?

Disposition and Behavioural Information

When filling out this section we encourage parents to give us as much information as possible. This information helps us to take a proactive approach to individual needs and therefore help to ensure that children are successful and enjoy the program. 

Do you desire a consultation with the Program Manager or Supervisor to further discuss your child?


In permitting my child to attend the CUP Kids Out of School Care Program, I the undersigned parent permit my child to participate on various field trips. These may include unscheduled, spontaneous local trips walking or on planned outings 

By signing below, I have read and understand that my child will be picked up and walked from Squamish Elementary or Les Aigons to Centrepoint through the authorized safe walk route. You hereby authorize CUP Kids Staff to pick up your child from their school and transport them to their registered program. 


I understand that a service charge of $20 will be charged to my account for any returned payments. Failure to make full payment or payment arrangements within 7 days of the NSF notice will result in your child being removed from our program.

In the event that I want to make changes to the program my child attends or to withdraw my child from the program, I agree to provide 1 calendar month’s notice. Failure to provide one month’s written notice will result in being charged for the services of that month.

I have clarified any questions I had and I commit and confirm that my child will participate in the full program, including field trips, and my child will follow safety instructions and/or refrain from behaviour that is harmful to oneself and others. I understand and support the policy that prohibits the possession or use of tobacco, alcohol or non-prescription drugs and understand their use, as well as abusive behaviour, is cause for dismissal without refund of fees.


I, the undersigned, permit my child to participate in the full range of activities. I also authorize CUPKids in the event of accident or illness affecting the below named child, to authorize on my behalf all procedures; including admission to hospital and necessary treatment there in, as they may deem essential for the care and well-being of the child. Such actions are only to be taken when immediate contact with the undersigned cannot be made. It is understood that CUP Kids is not responsible for medical care or ambulance costs.

I, the undersigned, release and discharge any and all rights and claims for damages and causes of suit or action that I or my child have at any time against CUP Kids, along with their employees and agents, for any and all injuries or losses suffered by my child as a result of participating in CUP Kids Program. 

Upload Child's Photo

Thank you for choosing The CUP Kids as your childcare provider – we look forward to having your child join our program!

Meet The Team

Karen Millard Sumalileng


Karen moved to Squamish in 2009 to serve as the ordained minister of Squamish United Church. Spirit Kids was birthed out of a desire to care for families in need of affordable childcare in Squamish. In January 2021 Karen founded The CUP Wholeness Centre and this program is now under the supervision and direction of The CUP and its staff. Karen comes with a background in youth work, social work, and counselling. Karen directed camps, worked as a youth worker and childcare worker for many years. She comes with a passion for developing healthy environments for all to thrive. She hopes CUP Kids is that kind of childcare environment.  

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Madie Leong


Madie grew up in Ontario and decided to make the move out to BC after graduating from McMaster University with a degree in Cognitive Science of Language. She has a passion for getting outside, animal welfare, climbing, skiing, hiking, camping, and more. Madie’s favourite thing about working with children is watching them gain confidence and explore their imagination, fears, and things that are unknown to them. Teaching children to choose their own challenges and guide them to make choices that are good for themselves, others, and the world around them is what she loves most! With the hopes of working with children long-term, Madie is eager to continue growing The Cup | Kids program in line with its philosophy to serve Squamish families for years to come. 

Heather headshot - July 2021.png

Heather Mann

Childcare staff

Heather moved to Squamish in 2019, originally hailing from Waterloo, Ontario. She has always been fascinated to understand human behaviour, which led her to pursue 3 degrees in psychology. Since earning her Ph.D. in behavioural science, she has worked with a variety of organizations in marketing and strategy roles. In earlier years, Heather worked with children as a camp counselor, Sunday school teacher, and private tutor. She has always enjoyed children's curiosity, humour, and boundless creativity! She is continually impressed by children's sense of personal agency in their world. At Spirit Kids, Heather hopes to help create a fun and supportive community, helping each child to grow their independence and their relationships.

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