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The Vision

The Cup Wholeness Centre is an innovative program in the Sea to Sky community that takes a hands-on approach to wellness.  Our mission is to create an environment that empowers individuals and families to unite with their true potential, passion, and purpose body, mind, and soul.  We see the cup as a catalyst for connection in a time when this need has never been greater. 


For youth to seniors alike, the Cup offers programming that deepens the connection to the community and environment.  For adults, we will offer counselling, spiritual movement practices (yoga, hiking), meditations, wellness retreats, parenting groups, and book studies.  We want to listen deeply to our community and provide offerings that are relevant and open to all.  We see intergenerational ties being strengthened once again through mentorship programs. 


For Children and Youth, The Cup provides a safe space to explore their value as individuals, and as members of a community and the natural world.  With programming such as CUP Kids out of school care, multi-week/day camp programming and so much more we hold space for children to explore and grow from a holistic perspective.


An integral part of our program is our partnership with other organizations with goals that align with our mission. We want to join hands with you as leaders, entrepreneurs and community members. If you like the vision we have presented and you care about the health and wellness of individuals and families within the corridor we want to connect with you and see how we can partner and build one another up. We are blessed to live, work and play on the traditional and unseeded territory of the Squamish Nation and we have a deep respect for this land and all it has to teach us. Whether partnering in programming or through utilization of our space, this network will strengthen our community. We look forward to partnering with you and getting to know you as you engage in the programs we have to offer. 

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